Most of my learning has come through either my personal experiences or studying with other people. I do not learn well from books. I prefer to know the energy of the person that is providing me with information. This is one of the reasons I teach. I come from a long line of teachers. I have acquired from them an ability to assess how other people learn and how best to provide information to others.

I offer teaching occasionally at various locations such as new age stores, healing fairs, and holistic health locations. I have also offered workshops at home parties, a sorority, and corporate locations. I have taught palmistry, Tarot reading, meditation, communication, Hindu mantras, healing with my various modalities, and Reiki. I love teaching and most of the observers enjoy my animated style and energy.

For those people who enjoy learning one-on-one or who want to study healing more deeply, I offer apprenticeship opportunities. This can consist of studying one simple technique they are drawn to or learning the style and methods by which I work with my clients on a regular basis. I have a number of people who already have benefited from apprenticing under me.