Crystals and stones are considered the oldest form of matter on Earth. There are a number of traditions that recognize that stones each have their own unique properties. The properties are said to differ based on their composition and their color. When working with certain clients who connect to the Earth I can channel energy through various stones and crystals. This sometimes allows for a more positive healing experience. I have a number of tumbled and polished stones that I will use with a client who would like a crystal healing session. I also teach people to use stones to create or manifest different experiences in their life. Stones can be used to create a more beneficial physical environment as well.

There are many people that are extremely visual. For those people, they may not recognize the subconscious impact of color in their lives. I work with various clients to help them be more aware of how to use color in a positive way to support their life. This can be the color they wear, the color in their physical environment, using color as an artistic outlet, or meditating with color. I have seen a number of positive changes in clients who become more aware of the colors that surround them.